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Sharing is Caring

heather castillo the super blog coachAside from the day I married my husband, I’ve never been completely sure of anything in my life. I was, what people would call, a serial entrepreneur.  I started so many businesses, I lost count. I would fall in love with each endeavor, work hard and then, I’d get bored. I was always looking for the next opportunity. Nothing I did ever felt like home to me, not even the “real job” that I spent over 10 years at. I wasn’t excited about any job for very long, until I started blogging in March of 2017.

From the very beginning, blogging was fun. I connected with brands and agencies and found a passion for marketing that I never knew existed. I wanted to learn everything about the industry. I wanted to improve my photography skills. I made a list of topics I knew I wanted to cover and found myself writing all throughout the day. I threw myself into blogging right away, like I had with everything else in my life. But this time, it felt different.

So when we got the call that after 12 years with the same company, my husband was being let go, I took it as a sign. It was time to get to work. It wasn’t easy. I worked a lot of 14-16 hour days (still do). But I did it. I’ve been supporting us ever since.

Over the years, I’ve guided a number of aspiring bloggers in the right direction, through phone calls, face-to-face consults, email, instagram DM and the occasional blog posts on So, it felt like the next logical step to create a dedicated blog that aspiring and established bloggers could use as a resource. I hope you find the information you’re looking for. If you have additional questions, I encourage you to reach out! I’m always happy to help!