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How COVID-19 is Affecting Bloggers and Influencers

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Unless you have been in an underground bunker for the last 3-4 months, you know that COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is affecting people in a way that we’ve never seen in our lifetime. We are using words like social distancing, self isolation and self quarantine on a regular basis. It almost feels like we’re in a bad movie. The grocery stores were virtually empty, there was no toilet paper or hand sanitizer available, the hospitals are full of people, parents struggled for months with figuring out how to homeschool their children and people have been asked to stay home from work, many without pay, trying to stretch out a $1,200 stimulus check. It’s a scary time and we are all just trying to take it day by day, while still feeling like we are waking up in the movie groundhog day. But one question I’ve been asked a lot, is how this pandemic is affecting bloggers and influencers.

As someone who solely supports her family through this industry, I can tell you that it’s affected us, in ways we never imagined.

Campaigns are Being Postponed or Cancelled

Since so many campaigns stress the importance of picking up a specific item at a particular store, and many of these stores are closing temporarily, or are completely out of stock on specific items, companies are postponing or cancelling their campaigns. And while that’s understandable, it’s also tough for the influencer who may have already done the work and was just waiting for draft approval from the company. Until they post, they won’t get paid (and many times, 45-60 days after they’ve posted, because that’s just how payment terms work most of the time).

Companies are Trying to Navigate this New Normal

The number of available campaigns have drastically plummeted since March. Companies are trying to figure out how to use influencer marketing to increase online sales, or suggest pick up or delivery options. While I have seen an increase over the last couple of weeks, it’s definitely nothing like it was last year.

Payments are Getting Pushed Back

With so many employees being asked to work from home, companies are trying to adjust to new practices. Depending on how a company normally sends payments to their influencers and bloggers, this may delay things. So without payments coming in, those of us that rely on getting paid on time to pay our bills, are struggling to make ends meet.

Affiliate Relationships are Struggling

While I’m not the biggest fan of affiliate relationships, I do understand why many find this a great source of extra income. I have heard that a number of companies are putting a hold on all affiliate marketing until further notice. So that monthly check that they relied on is no longer an option.

Engagement is Down

I assumed people would be online more but I’ve spoken to a number of influencer friends and they have all seen a drop in engagement. Personally, my likes/comments have dropped about 30%. It’s possible that we have more important things to do (like cook 329840938 meals and entertain our kids), so we just don’t spend as much time on social media. If you do have a few minutes don’t forget to like and comment on your influencer friend’s posts! They need the love now more than ever.

Traveling and Events have been Cancelled

So many travel influencers have resorted to sharing old trips, or additional details that they hadn’t shared prior. Events have gone online for the most part and new travel just isn’t safe.

Location Shooting is No Longer an Option

While we still have a few outdoor spots that we love, that have very few people, we have found ourselves shooting most of our photos in our home or in our neighborhood. It gives us a limited backdrops to work with and makes it hard to come up with fresh content options.

What Can Influencers and Bloggers Do Right Now?

  • Apply for campaigns on all of the platforms you are signed up with! I list some good ones to start with here.
  • If you work with specific agencies on a regular basis, reach out and see how they are doing.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell companies when you don’t feel safe doing something or going somewhere.
  • Keep creating content that has meaning and provides value for your followers and readers. If you need help with ideas, make sure to download my editorial calendar.
  • Repurpose content you already shared. Look for new pictures and don’t be afraid to share again.
  • Don’t stop engaging with your influencer/blogger friends. They need your support.
  • Don’t give up! Things will eventually get back to normal.

Have you made any changes over the last three months that you’ve found helpful? Share below!

I'm sharing how Covid-19 has taken a toll on influencers and bloggers who are self-employed and rely on campaigns to pay their bills.





  • Marta

    Thankfully things have been pretty even-keeled for me. I’m learning that diversifying is super important.

  • Helen Little

    This is so scary. It must be my niche, beauty – I’ve seen more affiliate sales and more engagement. For sure everything is affected by Covid-19.

  • Tami Qualls

    My travel blogging clients are experiencing a decline in traffic and sponsored work. They have been creative in implementing their own ideas to counteract the impact. Your tips will add to the impact, I’m sure.

  • It’s definitely a difficult time in so many ways. I’m super-fortunate that my engagement is actually up! But I have been repurposing some content. A great time to update those old, not-so-great photos!

  • Tisha

    I honestly thought engagement would be up as well…everyone being stuck at home and on the internet more… Huge shock to me.

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