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Free Printable Editorial Calendar for Bloggers – First Quarter 2019

editorial calendar quarter 1 2019
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Can I tell you a secret? When I started blogging in March of 2017, I really had no idea what I was doing. I was, what you might call, a spur of the moment blogger. If something happened in our lives, I would blog about it. If nothing exciting was going on, I would scramble to find a topic and then I would kick myself when I would see posts for these random national days. I remember seeing a blog post for National Pizza Day and thinking… Shoot, I totally could have joined in on that one, considering the number of times we eat pizza in this house. I felt like I was always missing the memo but the truth is, I just never took the time to plan!  I didn’t know where to look, or who to ask. So, while I have a wide variety of things I want to blog about, this year I decided to plan around some of the important days and of course, I had to share! Read on for our free printable editorial calendar for the first quarter of 2019!

What is Your Strategy?

Before I share the link to the printable editorial calendar, I figured I would share my strategy for those of you that are like me and didn’t really have a plan. I sat down at the beginning of the month and highlighted the things that seemed most important to me and my readers. Next, I pulled out my planner and filled in scheduled blog posts, when I would need pictures by and gave myself enough time to write and edit photos. An hour or so later, I was officially scheduled through the first quarter of 2019!  I’ve saved myself time in the long run because I know what I need and when I need it by. Of course, if something comes up, as it tends to do, I can adjust accordingly, but at least I know I’ll have consistent content for the next few months.

On the agenda for this month? A fun valentine’s day craft for the family, a Mediterranean inspired recipe and my experience with CBD oil, just to name a few. Make sure you join our email list so you don’t miss out!

What’s Included in the Printable Editorial Calendar?

So what’s included in this free printable editorial calendar? A page for January, February and March, complete with important dates and blog post topic ideas. I’ve also included a blank calendar at the bottom of each page so that you can schedule your first quarter easily. You can hang it up, place it in your planner or keep it on your desk. Whatever is easiest for you!

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How to Print

To print your own free printable editorial calendar, just click on the image above or click here and print. It’s easy! I can’t wait to see what type of content you share this year. If this helps you, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to come back in March to print the next three months! Want to see something added next quarter? Let me know!

Are there any other printable files or tools you’d like for me to share? Comment below!  There is nothing I love more than helping other bloggers. I will keep sharing free tools as long as you share it on your social media.  Deal? Happy planning!

Q2: Editorial Calendar

Q3: Editorial Calendar

A free printable editorial calendar for bloggers to plan their blog posts and social shares for January through March of 2019.




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