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Myths About Working From Home

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When people hear me say that I work from home, I think they misunderstand what exactly that means.  Do they picture me lounging on the couch with a drink in one hand and the remote in the other, surfing Netflix and waiting for the phone to ring so I can hear the latest gossip? Do they not realize “work from home” has the word “work” in it?  There are so many misconceptions.  Here are my top 5 myths about working from home.

It’s Easy

Let me make it very clear… there is nothing easy about working from home.  It’s true that we don’t have to get dressed and sit in traffic. We don’t have to deal with office drama, public bathrooms or parking but we are still working, sometimes more than those in an office, believe it or not.

I am at my computer, working, from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep.  I don’t really have “hours” because I’m juggling family life and work life. I almost always have my laptop or my phone in my hand.  I have deadlines that I have to meet and don’t have anyone to remind me or help me to meet those deadlines.  It’s just me. So if I don’t get something done, I don’t sleep.

It Gives You More Time With Your Family

I’m home all day long but that doesn’t mean I’m hanging out with my kids or my husband.  While I do step away to cook, eat and pick my kids up from school, I’m probably working 12 hours a day, minimum.  I try to limit my work hours during the weekend so that I can dedicate that time to my family, but depending on my workload, that is sometimes impossible.

While my friends are off on vacations, enjoying their loved ones and their adventures, I’m usually rushing back to the hotel room to catch up on work, otherwise, I get behind.

Flexibility to Chat, Watch TV and Nap

I can’t tell you how much more my phone started ringing when I started working from home.   It was like I suddenly had more friends, only I didn’t.  These friends never called me during office hours when I worked in an office.  While there isn’t anyone watching over me, I’m still working. I still have things to do.  I’m either typing an email, researching, on client calls, on social media (for work, not fun), working on a campaign, writing, photographing a product or a number of other things.   Can I put in my earbuds and chat while I work? Sure! But it’s hard to concentrate when you’re chatting so most of the time, I just ignore the call.  Nothing personal, I’m just working.

Anyone Can Work From Home

As awesome as working from home sounds, it’s definitely not for everyone.  You have to be able to block out the distractions and concentrate.  You have to be able to focus on your tasks and get them done without anyone reminding you to do so (especially if you are self-employed).  You have to be a great multi-tasker, able to stop one thing and start another at a moments notice.  You must be willing to compromise your personal time.  If you are the type of person that is at the time clock exactly at 5:30 to go home, you probably wouldn’t be the type of person that could successfully work from home.

You Can Clock Out Anytime

Yes, we can close our laptop and turn off our phone, but chances are when you work from home, you will do neither.  You find yourself answering emails at 3am just because you happen to see it and don’t want to keep the other person waiting (though they are probably sound asleep, as you should be).   It’s like you have a totally different mindset when you work from home.  Think about it.  Would you go get out of bed at 3am, get dressed, drive into the office and answer emails? Probably not.  But when you work from home, all logic flies out the door and you want your clients to know that you are available for them anytime they need you, even when you should be sound asleep.

Do you work from home?  What do you find are your biggest challenges? Comment below!


If you work from home, you know that there are many misconceptions.  Here are my top 5 myths about working from home.


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