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Free Printable Editorial Calendar for Bloggers – Third Quarter 2020

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While this year seems to be dragging by with one extraordinary thing after another, it’s time again to start planning quarter 3. I started sharing these editorial calendars last year and was sent so many messages from people that said it saved them a great deal of time. So, here we are, about to approach the third quarter of this insane year and I’m releasing July, August and September! I’ve scoured the internet for all of the national and fun days for the third quarter of 2020 and included some fun new blog topic ideas for each month. Read on for our free printable editorial calendar for the q3 of 2020!

Why You Should Plan Your Content for the Year

I know bloggers that plan their entire year out at once. While I commend them and wonder if they are the real super heroes, I find that three months at a time is a good amount and helps me to not feel super overwhelmed.

If you’ve ever felt as though you are scrambling to find content, I do recommend that you start planning ahead. Editorial calendars can be a great tool! They won’t completely fill your calendar, but they will give you a number of great ideas for blog and social posts.

What’s Included in the Printable Editorial Calendar?

So what’s included in this free printable editorial calendar? A page for July, August and September, complete with important dates and blog post topic ideas. I’ve also included a blank calendar at the bottom of each page so that you can schedule your third quarter easily. You can hang it up, place it in your planner or keep it on your desk. Whatever is easiest for you!

How to Print

To print your own free printable editorial calendar, just click on the image above or click here and print. You may want to download it to your computer first. I can’t wait to see what type of content you share during this second quarter of 2020. If this helps you, I’d love to hear from you.

Are there any other printable files or tools you’d like for me to share? Comment below!  There is nothing I love more than helping other bloggers. I will keep sharing free tools as long as you share it on your social media. Deal? Happy planning!

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A free printable editorial calendar for bloggers to plan their blog posts and social shares for July through August of 2020.





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